About Us

title-aboutusF5 Properties is a full service commercial real estate brokerage focused on the diverse, complex needs of the commercial real estate industry. F5 Properties’ corporate philosophy is providing clients with outstanding service and measurable results.  Our vast network of commercial real estate professionals applies its insight, experience, intelligence and resources to provide personalized service in order to help clients make informed real estate decisions.

F5 Properties has extensive experience in the commercial real estate market, keeping the company in the forefront of all market activity in North Carolina.  This knowledge assists clients when leveraging their strategic advantage through innovative planning, market knowledge, execution and management.  The alignment of commercial real estate with long-term business strategies not only supports a company’s objectives, it enhances them.

We maintain a large inventory of diverse, profitable commercial real estate space in North Carolina. F5 Properties offers benefits to both sellers and buyers of investment properties, handling all aspects of an acquisition or sale.

F5 Properties has always been setting the standard for customer service and client satisfaction in the local commercial real estate sector.

We Specialize in

Class A Office

Class A office represents the newest and highest quality buildings. Generally speaking, they are the aesthetically pleasing with solid, high-quality construction. Class A buildings are well located, provide easy access, and are professionally managed. They often attract the highest quality tenants and command the highest lease rates.

Class B Office

Class B buildings are usually a little older with quality management and tenants. Value-added investors often target these buildings as investments since well-located Class B buildings can be flipped into Class A.  Well located Class B buildings are generally more popular for investors.


Emphasize the area’s demographics, traffic counts, accessibility and parking. Demographic information, including average income, ethnicity, average home prices and proximity to schools should be provided. Also, showcase neighboring traffic generators like super centers, grocers and banks. The busier the area, the better the location will look to buyers.


Draw attention to your industrial building’s proximity to highways, railways or shipping yards. Also, make sure to highlight the different zones and amenities your building has, such as docking areas, warehouses and office areas.


Land can be a rock-solid investment.  On the surface, land seems to be a fairly simple purchase; however, there are many considerations that need to be taken into account before purchasing or selling land parcels.  Details such as zoning, topography, annual tax obligations, availability of public utilities, setbacks, usage restrictions, and flood zones may require an experienced commercial real estate agent’s full evaluation.


Location is extremely important when purchasing land for development. The speed of the sale may be the difference between good profits and losing money. Anticipating problems is key to getting your development to sell faster, as learning about them after-the-fact may slow down the purchase. Pulling information such as right-of-way, access to the site, road developments, public utilities, boundaries, zoning issues, and ordering surveys may require an agent with considerable experience in selling and purchasing land for development.